Storms Unleashed

Welcome to my musical realm, please come freely and leave some of the happiness you bring.  I am Justin, King of this Storm Kingdom and weaver of these creative cords. I started playing my first guitar at 15 and had to play until my fingers bleed.  I knew I would always love music.  From clubs in Detroit playing with varies bands, I learned and expanded my sound from basic metal head bands.  I’ve learned many classical instruments as well as their folk counterparts. I simply loved to make music. 

As the computer age came upon us, I spent time learning how to make digital music. A DJ friend of mine introduced me into DAW programs and a new path opened for me so I ran with it and never looked back. I found my true creative outlet!  I now have complete direction of my musical horizons and the only things that holds me back from my creativity was time. Thru the busy years and life’s commitments I still kept my music close, as my hobby, but I always kept it up. Now after encouragement from friends, family and even people I barely knew who heard my music, they all told me to go public. 

I must admit, I love the feeling of writing, producing and selling my own music. I absolutely love history, ancient history and mythology so this gives an outlet to tell ancient stories both through words and emotionally through music. Making music, production and the chance to put my own stories out there is unlike anything on earth, except for the love of my family.